5 Reasons To Call In An Electrician After Buying A Home

13 March 2023
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It's a good idea to call in an electrician if you have recently purchased a home, especially if it is an older home. Old wiring and electrical systems may not be up to snuff for modern applications. Worse, some old electrical systems simply aren't safe. An electrician can find any problems and update them as needed.

1. Outlet Updates

Older homes typically have a few issues with their outlets. Two-prong outlets were common, as many old plugs didn't come with the third grounding prong. Updating to standard three-prong outlets makes it much easier to plug in modern devices. Modern building codes also require more outlets per room than what was required in the past, so it's often necessary to put in additional outlets for each room in an older home. Using a combination USB and standard plug outlets is a good update.

2. Grounding Repairs

It's not just the lack of three-prong outlets that poses a grounding problem in some older homes. Modern homes feature GFCI outlets in rooms where moisture incursion can be a hazard, such as a kitchen and a bathroom. These outlets have some sort of reset switch or button that turns the outlet off, in the event that it is triggered if moisture or a short is detected. These are much safer than old ungrounded outlets or even more modern standard three-prong outlets.

3. Wiring Replacement

There are a couple of reasons why old wiring may need to be replaced. If there is any damage to the wiring that is causing shorts, replacement is a must to ensure there are no shock or fire hazards. There may be no insulation on the wiring, for example, or wires may not be grounded properly in the walls. Damage from moisture, age, pests, and wear and tear are other problems that must be found and addressed.

4. Overloaded Circuits

It's common these days to put high-energy draw appliances, such as the furnace or clothes dryer, on a dedicated breaker in the electrical panel. In older homes that weren't originally wired for lots of electrical devices or high-draw appliances, there may be too many items on a single breaker. This can cause blown fuses and power surges if not addressed.

5. Panel Upgrade

If your electrical panel is old, then replacement is a good idea. Very old homes may have knob and tube systems, which aren't in use today as they aren't up to modern electric needs and they are a hazard. Homes built in the past may also have recalled panel systems, which are a fire risk. An inspection of your panel for necessary upgrades is a must.

Contact an electrical service to schedule an inspection and updates in your new home. For more information, contact a company like All-Systems Electric LLC.