4 Signs You Are Using An Outdated Electrical Wiring System

3 February 2023
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If not handled properly, electrical malfunctions can easily cause a fire. One of the primary causes of this problem is faulty electrical distribution components like the wiring and the circuit breaker boxes. 

If you're using outdated wiring, it may malfunction and cause a fire because it is being overworked. In such a case, an electrician will be needed to install a new wiring system that can handle the current power needs.

How can property owners confirm they are using outdated electrical wiring and avoid fire accidents? Below are warning signs not to ignore.

Worn Wires

Electrical wires are always insulated for safety. If the insulation material is frayed, you should consider getting new wiring. So, the moment you notice frayed wiring when performing general cleaning or remodeling, don't ignore it. Instead, contact an electrical contractor for replacement because such damages increase the shock and fire hazard.

Aluminum Wiring Use

A house that was built in the 1970s will most likely have an outdated wiring system, and it might be time to replace it. Most homes in this era have aluminum wiring and are at a higher risk of experiencing fire damage. 

So, consider seeking solutions to this electrical issue to avoid fire accidents. Replacing the old wiring with copper wires is often recommended because the copper wiring system is safer and more heat resistant.

Recurrent Circuit Breaker Issues

If you like running several appliances from one circuit, you'll experience regular circuit breaker trips. This occurs due to an overload, but you can avoid it if you don't overwork the power distribution system. 

But, if you haven't overloaded the electrical wiring but still keep getting circuit breaker issues, you should be concerned. The chances are that the electrical panel or wiring needs an upgrade. Get a seasoned electrician to determine the cause of the recurrent circuit breaker trips and then discuss the best solution, which may involve getting new wiring.

Warm Outlets

Have you noticed a warm feeling near one of your electrical outlets? Maybe you were sitting close to the outlet or about to plug in an appliance. An outlet that's functioning correctly should never be warm to the touch. In other cases, one can notice vibrations coming from an outlet. 

All these issues are mainly caused by damaged wiring, so you shouldn't wait any longer to resolve the problem. Plugging in an appliance in such an outlet can result in a fire, which may damage your property or lead to loss of lives in severe cases. You better get an electrician to fix the problem right away, even if it means installing new wires.

Contact an electrical system service in your area to have your system inspected.