Things To Consider Before Installing Recessed Lighting

26 September 2022
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Recessed lighting allows homeowners to enhance the appearance and function of their households. But, this isn't a project homeowners should tackle by themselves due to the risks involved in handling electrical wires.

Other than ensuring that the installation process is handled correctly, an electrician or lighting designer can assist you in determining how many recessed lights you will need and the type that's ideal even for under cabinet lighting. Here are things you need to know before recessed lighting installation.

Select the Kind of Lighting You Need

One of the primary things you should know about recessed lighting is that they come in different forms. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the first type to determine the one that's suitable for your home, depending on your requirements. 

Ambient or general lighting is usually installed in the kitchen or living room ceiling. It's designed to light areas with a lot of traffic and is also excellent for downlighting. The second type of lighting is wall washing, which isn't harsh. You can rely on it to illuminate staircases and pathways. 

Finally, you can opt for the spotlighting applicable when there's a focal point. Use it to spotlight a specific area. You can rely on the optimal angle to minimize the glare as needed.

Choose the Location

You'll also need to pick an excellent location for installing the recessed light. Generally, this lighting is ideal for lower ceilings since hanging lighting fixtures may inhibit your capability to make movements around the house. You should also consider this form of lighting if you need task lighting for your countertops or to spotlight your artwork. 

But you cannot rely on this lighting to light up the whole room. This is because they are designed to offer a narrow focused light beam that's only suitable for showing certain features. And, if you choose to use recessed lighting to illuminate your rooms, you will have to install more canisters to attain the required visibility.

Determine the Required Number of Lights 

Most homeowners who haven't used these lights often assume that the brightness of the lights will lessen the required number. But, the brightness of the lights doesn't guarantee that you will get excellent illumination. What matters is the light spacing. 

If you install a few lights in a large room, you will have dark spots between them. Also, many lights aren't ideal. You will need to work with an electrician to determine how to space the light. Some factors they will consider include the ceiling height, dimensions of the room, and beam angle.