How To Ensure Your Solar Panels Last Longer

25 August 2022
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Solar panels can last for more than 20 years, but you still have a role to play to ensure they last that long. And as you know, most electrical equipment can't last long unless they are maintained. So, you must have a few tricks regarding solar panel maintenance. Discussed below are some effective tips to help you buy a few more years for your solar panels.

Clean Your Solar Panels

This is where most folks go wrong! They assume that solar panels shouldn't be cleaned. They also believe that rainfall is enough to clean the debris and dust build-up on your solar panels. Unfortunately, solar panels are constantly exposed to wind, meaning a lot of dust, debris, and leaves will be trapped on them. 

Moreover, you'll also have some birds depositing their dropping on the solar panels. That said, you need to have the solar panels cleaned by a professional. Alternatively, you can do the cleaning task if you have ground-mounted solar panels. 

Cleaning your solar panels will make them durable and help them maintain maximum energy production. Always use a low-pressure hosepipe, a non-abrasive broom, or a sponge when cleaning your solar panels.

Tighten the Loose Parts

Some people assume that their solar panels will remain secure throughout their lifetime. Well, that is not the case! Solar panels have to be secured using nuts and bolts. Unfortunately, these bolts can become loose due to wind, hailstorms, and other factors. That said, you must monitor your solar panels for loose parts every few months. If you spot any, tighten them to avoid issues.

Keep the Solar Panels Out of Shade

Solar panels perform well when exposed to sunlight. That's the only time they can harness energy from the sun. So, you have to ensure that no trees are blocking the panels. The shade cast by trees will affect energy production. Moreover, trees will shed their leaves, meaning your panels will always be covered in leaves.

Have the Experts Inspect and Maintain Your Panels

Most people assume that the work of solar technicians ends as soon as they install the solar system. Well, you'll need these guys to inspect your solar panels a few times annually. They'll check whether your panels are still in good condition or if they need repairs. Amazingly, the technicians will also tune up your entire system when they come for maintenance. 

You can count on your solar panels to last for many years as long as you heed the above advice.

For help with your solar panels, contact a solar panel service in your area.