Why You Need An Electrical Maintence Service Call

25 May 2022
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Most people in the U.S. take their electric system for granted. If there is a lack of electricity to their home they contact the electric company assuming there must be an outage or problem on the company's end. Quite often, this is the case and luckily an electrician does not need to be called. However, there may be problems with the electric system in your home that you are not aware of until there is a big problem that could cause a fire. This is why it is important to have the wiring and electric features of your home checked every 3 to 5 years. While they are there checking things out, they can take care of small issues before they get big. Here are some things an electrician may suggest to fix while at your home for a maintenance check.

Cluttered Outlets

Unless you had the house built with your electrical needs in mind, odds are good you have a few extension cords and power strips. It is possible you have multiple strips plugged into a single outlet. While everything may work properly, this can be a fire hazard. In addition, having too many things plugged into one outlet is not energy efficient. It taxes the breakers and may be the reason they switch off or you notice lights flickering a bit. An electrician can easily install a few more outlets, right where you need them. If necessary, they will also add a new breaker to keep the load even.

Update the Electric Panel

Even though the breaker box is inside your home, there is a panel outside that connects the power from the electric company to your home. This panel can become damaged or rusty due to the weather. If the panel were to become too damaged or start to fall apart it could affect the electricity going to your home. This could even start a fire. Electricians understand the importance of a safe, secure electric panel and will quickly replace one that is damaged to keep your home safe.

Do not assume that the electric system in your home is safe and working efficiently. Contact an electrician and ask about a maintenance check. They will discuss what they will do and ask some questions about your home and electric service. Once you have the first maintenance service call and all the small issues are fixed they will set up an appointment to contact you when they need to come out again.

For more information, contact an electrician near you.