3 Warning Signs You Need Electrical System Servicing

6 May 2022
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Your electrical system needs regular servicing to keep it in good condition. But, if you neglect your electrical system, it can start to deteriorate and incur damages.

Most people consider electrical system servicing as an expensive service. But, it is more affordable than conducting electric system repairs or overhauls. Thus, if you have never considered electrical system servicing, you risk expensive repairs or overhauls in the future. 

Your electrical system provides various signs when it needs servicing. Here are three signs that let you know it's time to schedule an electrical system servicing. 

1. Multiple Circuit Breaker Trips

A circuit breaker trips when it detects a power overload in your electrical system. Overloading occurs when one or more appliances draw more power than your electrical system can handle. Hence, if your circuit breaker keeps tripping, your electrical system is overloading.

If you connect heavy-duty appliances to an old electrical system, an overload can occur. The overload occurs because the old electrical wiring can't handle the power drawn by the equipment. As a result, your circuit breaker trips every time you turn on the heavy-duty appliance or equipment. 

You need to schedule an electrical system servicing to upgrade the electrical wiring and circuit breaker in such a situation. Electrical system upgrades increase the power limitations thus, after the upgrade, your system should handle the power drawn by the heavy-duty equipment without causing an overload. 

2. Dim or Flickering Lights

Dimming or flickering lights are signs of an electrical system malfunction. 

Your electrical system comprises several components that can malfunction when they wear out. For instance, when the service conductors in your electrical system wear out, your lights start flickering or dimming. But, the dimming and flickering could also result from loose or damaged bulb holders or light switches. 

Thus, if your lights start flickering, schedule an electrical system servicing immediately. An electrical servicing contractor will inspect the electrical system to determine the problem. If the flickering is due to worn-out service conductors, the contractor will replace the components with new ones. 

3. Buzzing Sounds and Burning Odors 

Electrical switches and sockets should only make click sounds when turning them on or off. But, if there is a loose connection in the switch or socket, you will hear a buzzing sound when you turn it on. Buzzing sounds indicate an electric short circuit happening inside the socket or switch. 

Sometimes, the heat generated by the short-circuiting melts the wire insulations. Hence you might also notice a burning smell or smoke from the switch or socket. 

Neglecting a short circuit is dangerous because it can result in a house fire. Schedule an electrical system servicing as soon as you notice buzzing or burning smells from your switches and sockets. A company like Potts Electric has more information.