Useful Steps When Rewinding An Electric Motor

3 May 2022
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Rewinding is a process done to restore electric motors, which involves stripping old coils (windings) and adding new coils in their place. If you're looking to perform this restoration with one of your own electric motors, take these steps.

Find a Clean Workspace

In order to improve the success rate of electric motor rewinding, you need to carry out this restoration in a controlled and clean environment. Then things like dirt and dust particles won't be able to get inside key components of the electric motor and cause damage.

Ideally, you want to find a workstation that's inside and relatively clean. If the space is dirty, you can set up tarps around a workbench. Then it will be totally isolated and thus remain a lot cleaner, helping you complete electric motor rewinding without contamination taking place.

Use Quality Wire Cutters to Remove Damaged Windings

The main step in completing electric motor rewinding is removing damaged coils or windings. This won't be as difficult of a step if you invest in quality wire cutters and use them strategically to remove targeted windings.

Find wire cutters that have exceptional strength so that however thick or durable the damaged windings are in your motor's armature, you're able to remove them with ease. Also, try to find wire cutters that are comfortable to hold, as it may take you some time to remove each damaged winding.

Keep the Same Widths For Replacement Insulation Paper

Another integral part of electric motor rewinding is replacing the insulation paper inside the stator. There will be pieces of insulation paper in each groove of this component, and it's important that you measure them before carrying out this replacement. 

They need to be the same size in order to fit into these grooves and thus provide your electric motor with proper insulation for optimal performance. After measuring these pieces with a ruler, you'll know how big to make your new pieces of insulation paper. Such as simple step can yield optimal results when rewinding any type of electric motor.

If you have an electric motor that needs to be restored via rewinding, you might want to look at each stage and then plan carefully. Then you'll have a better idea of what to do and what an optimal rewinding process looks like as a whole. You'll be able to restore motor performance in no time. 

For more information about electric motor rewinds, contact a local company.