Does Your Air Conditioning System Have An Electrical Problem?

3 May 2022
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If your air conditioner isn't cooling your home properly, you may think there's something wrong with the air registers in your home. Although dirty, clogged, or closed air registers can cause problems for your cooling system, so can electrical problems. Your AC may have something wrong with its electrical wiring and parts. Learn how electrical problems affect cooling systems and what you can do to solve your dilemma below.

Why Do Cooling Systems Experience Electrical Problems?

If you use your cooling system throughout the day and most of the night, it can experience a great deal of stress as a result. The stress can wear down the electrical parts inside your outside condenser unit. 

The cooling unit outside your home contains the compressor motor, which is the largest and most important part in the system. Without the compressor motor, your cooling system won't run at all.

The compressor receives most of its power from the electrical wires inside the unit. If the wires become frayed or corroded from years of usage, they won't transmit enough electricity to the motor to keep it going. The motor will struggle to stay on and cool your home.

The problems in your outdoor unit can affect the unit in your house as well. The indoor unit must be able to convey heat to the outdoor unit's compressor unit. If the indoor unit can release the heat inside it, it can become frozen with ice. Both AC units may potentially fail at the same time.

You want to solve the issues above by having an electrician check the electrical wiring in your outdoor unit.

What Can an Electrician Do to Help You?

Although you can have an HVAC contractor examine your cooling system, you want to contact an electrician instead. An electrician can troubleshoot each electrical component inside your outdoor and indoor unit for you. If there's a problem with the units' electrical system, an electrician can repair it. 

If the wiring in the each unit isn't severely damaged by time, a contractor may only need to clean and tighten them. If the wiring is extremely damaged by time, a contractor will need to replace it. 

An electrician will also test the compressor motor during the service call. If the motor doesn't contain enough power to sustain it during the year, a contractor may replace it for you. 

If you need help repairing your air conditioning system, contact an electrician for services today. A company like Plisko Service Solutions has more information.