Why You Need High-Efficiency Lighting For Your Business

2 May 2022
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Is your commercial lighting efficient? Traditional incandescent lights not only use lots of electricity but produce heat, which increases your commercial heating load. In turn, the extra heat adds to your business's electrical demand as air conditioning is necessary to keep the building cool and comfortable.

Switching to high-efficiency lighting options such as LEDs and CFLs saves electricity and reduces your electricity bills, allowing you to minimize your operating expenses and maximize profits. But the benefits of using these energy-efficient lighting solutions don't stop there. Highlighted below are some added benefits you should expect.

They Ensure Building Energy Code Compliance

What are the minimum efficiency requirements for commercial lighting systems and controls in your area? Local building energy codes stipulate the lighting criteria to meet or exceed minimum efficiency targets.

Installing high-efficiency lighting systems helps your business keep up with the evolving guidelines for energy usage in the commercial sector. When your commercial lighting is code-compliant, your business will pass the required inspections.

They Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

Even though the electricity used to light up homes, businesses, and industries does not directly release carbon gases into the atmosphere, its generation does. Electricity generation involves burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil, which contribute to significant greenhouse emissions.

Reducing the amount of electricity used for lighting helps reduce the overall demand for national grid electricity, thus reducing the need to burn fossil fuels. Consequently, greenhouse emissions are reduced dramatically.

They Turn Your Business Into an Environmental Leader

As more and more people become aware of the need to protect the environment, businesses are increasingly being expected to operate without impacting the environment negatively.

Using energy-efficient lighting shows that your business is taking a leadership role in encouraging other businesses to save energy and protect the environment. When potential customers see and understand this role, they may be inclined to bring their business to you.

They Increase the Value of Your Business

While the upfront cost of installing high-efficiency lighting may be high, you can enjoy significant energy savings over the long term. The long-term cost savings associated with the use of energy-efficient lights will increase the value of your property before you sell.

With all the high-efficiency lighting solutions available for businesses, choosing the right one for your commercial needs can be rather confusing. Talk to a local electrical contracting company such as Williams Electric Supply to explore your options and get your quote.